Binchester and Escomb Field Trip 16th May 2009


 The Roman fort of Vinovia was situated at this site (click here to see location). 

Vinovia was situated on Dere Street.  The picture shows a short excavated stretch.

Part of the commandant's quarters.


Inside the commandant's bath house.  This is the original Roman concrete floor of the warm room.

The almost intact and original hypocaust under the warm room.

A box tile

Some of the broken pilae from the hot room hypocaust.


The Beast of Binchester.  What do you think it could be?




Escomb Anglo-Saxon church, built around 675

Sun dial on the porch.

Ancient sun dial with pagan imagery.

Nave of the church.

Arch between nave and chancel.  This arch is thought to have come from the bath house at Binchester.