Brampton Churches 17th September 2005

Brampton Old Church

The original parish church of Brampton lies within the site of a Roman fort about 2km west of the centre of the town. Click here to see map.  The church is of early date but it is difficult to be precise about its age.  The churchyard contains some well-preserved 17th century gravestones.

East end of the church.  The porch is a relatively recent addition.

17th century gravestone.

West end of the church.

Gravestone with heraldic symbols.

Inside the church.

North side of the church.

Brampton New Church

The parish church of Brampton moved to the town in the 18th century.  It was rebuilt in 1878 and contains some fine examples of stained glass from the factory of William Morris.

New St. Martin's.

The east window. Placed in the church in memory of Charles Howard.  Christ is in the centre of the top row of figures, robed in purple. He is surrounded by angels with scrolls.  At the centre of the bottom row, a pelican tears at her breast to feed her young.  To the right of the pelican are St. Dorothy and St. George.  To the left are the Virgin Mary and St. Martin.

Window in the north wall commemorating Dr Alexander Thom.  Main panels clockwise from top left: St. John the Evangelist with eagle, St. Luke with ox, St. Paul with the sword of the Spirit and St. Peter with key.

Window in the north wall commemorating William Carrick, solicitor.  Main panels clockwise from top left: Moses with tablet, David with harp, Elijah fed by ravens and Solomon with temple.

Window in the north wall commemorating Joseph Coulthard, first master of Brampton National School.  Main panels clockwise from top left: Adam with spade, Noah with Ark, Abraham with armour and sword and Enoch holding God's hand

Window in the south wall depicting (from left to right) the virtues of hope, charity and faith.  This window commemorates John Lee and his wife Mary.