Corbridge Roman Site (Corstopitum) - 17th June 2006

Click here to see the location of the Corbridge Roman Site.  A Roman fort was first built on this site in the late first century A.D. This fort housed a cavalry garrison (the Ala Petriana) which was later moved to Stanwix after the building of Hadrian's Wall.  This early turf and timber fort was replaced by a stone structure in the mid second century.  In the early third century a new stone fort was built.  Most of the visible remains on the site date from this period.

Overview of the site from the South West.


Many of the walls undulate as they have collapsed into earlier ditches.

The Stanegate road runs through the middle of the site.

Substantial granaries.

Stone mullion in vent of the east granary - this is the only one surviving in Britain.

Bases of columns which once supported the roof of a loading bay for the granaries.  Note how the street level behind the columns has risen since they were first built.

Drain and cistern.

Aqueduct and fountain house.

Large courtyard building.

Strong room of the headquarters building.

For further information on the Corbridge Roman Site see this page from English Heritage.

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