Ravenglass Visit 8th June 2002

The Ravenglass area (see map) has many features of historical interest, including The Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway (the La'al Ratty), Muncaster Castle, Muncaster Mill, a Roman fort and a Roman Bath House.  We travelled on the railway along Eskdale and visited Eskdale Mill and the iron workings at Boot.  After returning to Ravenglass on the Ratty we visited the Roman fort and bath house, guided by David Shotter and Rachel Newman.

La'al Ratty

The railway opened in 1875 to transport iron ore from Eskdale to the Furness Railway main line at Ravenglass.  Originally 3' gauge, it was relaid to the current 15" gauge in 1914.  Although the iron ore trade was finished it continued to carry granite from local quarries as well as passengers until it closed in 1953.  It was bought by a group of enthusiasts in 1960 and has run since then carrying passengers the seven miles from Ravenglass to Dalegarth.

Diesel locomotive at Ravenglass station

Our train, about to depart from Ravenglass

On board the train


Inside Eskdale Mill

Boot village

The remains of the tramway used to transport iron ore from Nab Gill to the railway

Ravenglass Roman fort and bath house

David tells us about the fort

The site of the fort

Rachel tells us about the bath house

The original Roman masonry of the bath house

Alcove in the bath house

The bath house from the road