Sun Street

Walk through the narrow passage from Market Street into Sun Street.

The Music Room

Music Room

This flamboyant Georgian building was built as a summer house by the Marton family of Church Street in the 1730s.  It originally stood in its own gardens but these were sold for building in 1797 by which time the house was no longer used. The first floor has some very fine baroque plasterwork depicting the nine muses and early Roman emperors.  It is a private residence with a shop on the ground floor but may be viewed by appointment.

The Sun Inn

Sun Inn

The Sun Inn on the corner of Sun Street and Church Street was popular in the 18th century as a meeting place for various organisations including the Port Commission, Freemasons, Lancaster Agricultural Society and the Musical Society.  The Inn, along with adjacent buildings on Church Street, was built on the site of Stoop Hall - a grand Medieval or Tudor Hall which appears on Speed's map of 1610 as New Hall (no. 7). 


The Earl of Sefton sold the site in 1784 to the Carter brothers who developed the northern end of Sun Street at the same time.

Enter Church Street at the end of Sun Street and turn left.

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