Supplying King William's Army in Ireland
Margaret Robinson

Prehistoric Finds from Slackwood Farm, Silverdale
Daniel W Elsworth and Dot Broughton

The development of Haverbreaks in Lancaster 1875-1913 AD
Colin Stansfield

An Archaeological Investigation at Hazelrigg, Lancaster 2011-2012
John Zant, Jeremy Bradley and Christine Howard-Davis

Keeping a check on the Workforce : Timekeeping tokens from Three Local Factories
George Niven

Archaeolgical Investigations at the Judges' Lodgings Lancaster 2002-04 and 2012
John Zant, Paul Clark, Christine Howard-Davis and Sean McPhillips

Lancaster's Historian: William Oliver Roper
Michael Winstanley

A Rare Clay Tabacco Pipe Find from Damside Street Lancaster
Peter Davey, Daniel Elsworth and Thomas Mace