Wallsend (Segedunum) 9th June 2001

The Roman fort at Wallsend is situated at the eastern end of Hadrian's Wall. Click here to see its location in modern Wallsend.  The Wall met the fort on its western side, south of the main west gate and ran down to the River Tyne from the south east corner.  It was probably built at the same time as the wall in around 120 AD. The fort held a mixed infantry and cavalry garrison. The site has been extensively excavated and a bath house reconstructed in the south west corner. There is a visitor centre and museum with a viewing tower which gives impressive views of the site. Nearby there is an excavated stretch and reconstruction of Hadrian's wall. David Shotter and Rachel Newman were our guides at Segedunum.

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Panoramic view of the site from the viewing tower

Seg Bath1.JPG (92706 bytes)

The reconstructed bath house

Seg Bath2.JPG (136613 bytes)

Changing room of the bath house

 Seg Hypo.JPG (144731 bytes)

Hypocaust and flue tiles in the bath house

Seg Decoration.JPG (148780 bytes)Seg Fortuna.JPG (59375 bytes)

Details of decoration in the frigidarium (cold room) of the bath house

Seg Command.JPG (172419 bytes)

Commandant's house

Seg Wall 1.JPG (192076 bytes)

Hadrian's Wall and reconstruction from East

Seg Wall 2.JPG (207183 bytes)

Hadrian's Wall and reconstruction from West.  The Segedunum viewing tower is in the background



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